Inbar Empowering Relationships For Those With Disabilities

Inbar, a groundbreaking non-profit in Israel, has taken upon itself the goal of creating social
awareness that love and marriage for people with disabilities is normative. We also provide
group and individual support as well as create an empowering community.



Programs for people with physical disabilities

Mini workshops​

– Series of meetings for personal development and expression​

– Self-awareness skills​

– Group sharing and support​

– Expressional and emotional skills​

It’s Possible For You Presents

“The Way To Relationship”

International Webinar Workshop

In English with

Rachel Kolette Wheeler


Community events​

– Large scale, fun, empowering events​

– Good food, quality program (show, styling etc.)​

– “Feel good”, community statement -“we deserve better!”​

Weekends and Shabbatonim​

– Weekend in a hotel or a guest house​

– Joint group extensive and supportive experience​​

– Workshops and spiritual activities throughout the weekend​

Mentors training program​

– Large scale, fun, empowering events​

– Good food, quality program (show, styling etc.)​

– “Feel good”, community statement -“we deserve better!”​

Programs for people with developmental disabilities and families​

Communication and leadership workshops​

– Small groups for men or for women​

– Self-awareness, social and relationship skills​

– Personal mentors on skills acquisition process​

– Working closely with parents​

– Pilot workshop completed successfully. ​

Leadership program

– Workshops graduates lectures in community centers, schools, private sector and more​

– Building self-esteem and social impact​

– Becoming social change agents in the communities, driving social change of inclusion​

Parents workshop​

– Helping parents becoming supportive and empowering factor in their children’s path to relationship​

– Providing case management/mentoring skills​

– Working in parallel to communication workshops to get parents involved in the process their children are undergoing​

Workshop instructors training​

– In house instructors to enable running several workshops in parallel​

– Extensive groups and personal training​

– Speak the “Inbar language”​

– Monitored by Inbar staff professional director​


Thanks to Inbar’s help I was able to improve my social skills and gained the confidence that I will find someone that will love me for who I am
Guyparticipant in the communication workshop
Inbar helped me improve my relationship with my parents who didn’t believe that I could get married. They thought that I will end up alone. Thanks to Inbar, I am getting married to my soulmate next month!! Thank you Inbar, you changed my life!!!
Mayaparticipant in Inbar’s activities and workshops
It is the first time in my life that I am not ashamed to be seen with other people with disabilities
Galcommunication and self-awareness workshop