Programs for people with physical disabilities

Mentors training program

  • In house mentors team
  • "Speak the “Inbar language
  • Monitored by Inbar staff professional director
  • Helping members to develop personal “GPS” and roadmap
  • Becoming “case managers”, coordinating support system
  • Delicate situations management process
  • Professional growth opportunity in Inbar
  • Scalable economic model for mentoring through Inbar

Relationship workshops

  • Self-esteem and positive thinking
  • Setting personal “GPS” and roadmap
  • Dynamic personal and group growth process
  • Personal mentors on life change and dating process
  • Planning to hold several groups in 2018-19

Community events

  • Large scale, fun, empowering events
  • Good food, quality program (show, styling etc.)
  • "Feel good”, community statement -"we deserve better!"

Mini workshops

  • Series of meetings for personal development and expression
  • Self-awareness skills
  • Group sharing and support
  • Expressional and emotional skills

Weekends and Shabbatonim

  • Weekend in a hotel or a guest house
  • Joint group extensive and supportive experience
  • Workshops and spiritual activities throughout the weekend

Programs for people with developmental disabilities and families

Workshop instructors training

  • In house instructors to enable running several workshops in parallel
  • Extensive groups and personal training
  • Speak the “Inbar language”
  • Monitored by Inbar staff professional director
  • Equipped with Inbar mentors toolbox
  • Professional growth opportunity in Inbar

Communication and leadership workshops

  • Small groups for men or for women
  • Self-awareness, social and relationship skills
  • Personal mentors on skills acquisition process
  • Working closely with parents
  • Pilot workshop completed successfully.
  • Working on national program for workshops across Israel, building Inbar larger community.

Leadership program (WIP)

  • Workshops graduates lectures in community centers, schools, private sector and more
  • Building self-esteem and social impact
  • Becoming social change agents in the communities, driving social change of inclusion

Parents workshop

  • Helping parents becoming supportive and empowering factor in their children’s path to relationship
  • Providing case management/mentoring skills
  • Working in parallel to communication workshops to get parents involved in the process their children are undergoing