About Us

Inbar is a pioneering non-profit organization in Israel whose goal is to create opportunities for meaningful relationships, love, and marriage for people with disabilities

“I had already reached the point when I thought it won’t happen, maybe I’ll just live alone with my [paid] caregiver. These are the thoughts that go through our minds”

  Inbar participant


In Israel, too many people with disabilities are socially isolated. Many seldom, if ever, have dated or had romantic relationships. For some, even engaging in friendly conversation is not a skill they’ve acquired. Having a long-term loving relationship is beyond the realm of possibility.

“I was afraid of disappointments, of how others would accept me"

  Inbar participant


This is where Inbar steps in. We conduct a wide variety of workshops where we teach social skills for creating friendships, going on dates, and engaging socially with others. We train mentors, who often have disabilities themselves, to work one-on-one with participants to provide guidance as they take the first tentative steps towards creating a social life for themselves. We sponsor all kinds of events, whether for an evening or a weekend, where participants with and without disabilities get together to meet, have fun, and engage in meaningful activities that increase self-esteem and build self-confidence. We run support groups for couples, both married and dating, to help them navigate the unique challenges of their relationships. Together we create a supportive community that believes in the potential and ability of every person to attain their dreams

“Inbar made it possible for me to go on dates and gave me insights to be open to suggestions" 

Inbar participant


The result is that hundreds of people have made new friends, gone on dates, and even 20 couples have gotten married with the help of Inbar

“Now, in our home, in conjunction with Inbar, we have evening get-togethers for married couples”

  Inbar participant


On a broader community level, we work hard to promote social awareness so that Israeli society will recognize the human desire and right of people with disabilities to have meaningful friendships, love, and marriage. Although we are mainly active along the greater Tel Aviv to Jerusalem axis, our model for empowering individuals and creating a social context for people with disabilities can be readily replicated throughout the rest of Israel and in other countries. All that is missing are the resources and funding to make that a reality.

“Even though we are people with disabilities, the truth is that everyone has some challenge or other, so actually,  we’re normal ”

  Inbar participant


Click on this link to support Inbar’s activities and to help it expand into new areas to benefit greater numbers of people. We want to provide the opportunity for friendship, community, and loving relationships for every Israeli.

 Donations are tax deductible in the U.S. (501c3) and Israel sec. 46