About Us

Inbar is a pioneering non-profit organization established in 2009. The goals
of the organization are: ”Creating opportunities, providing tools and
supporting all aspects of love and relationship for people with
The organization has set itself the goal of creating social awareness that
love and marriage for people with disabilities is normative and
strengthening the belief and possibility of people with disabilities to
reach a stable relationship.
To this end, the organization operates a wide variety of programs for
imparting tools and empowerment on the way to good and stable relationship.
The organization conducts workshops for love and relationship in a variety
of tracks, a program to train mentors for singles with disabilities, parent
workshops, empowerment events and weekends, which together create a
supportive community that believes in the potential and abilities of each
To date, hundreds of members have participated in activities and workshops
and have acquired skills and tools for finding stable and good love.
Hundreds of couples dated, and 20 couples were married with the help of the
We just started an innovative mentors training program which will enable us
to provide individual mentoring and guidance to creating stable and
long-lasting love and relationships, together with continuous effort to
promote social awareness and social change in recognizing the natural need
and right of people with disabilities for love and marriage. 
I'm approaching you today to support Inbar's activities, to help people with
disabilities find love and marriage. For secure donation click here
(Donations are tax deductible in the U.S. (501c3) and Israel (sec. 46)).