A good quality relationship is possible even with disability
A good quality relationship is possible even with disability
A good quality relationship is possible even with disability

Who we are?

A groundbreaking association that has been leading its vision for the past 14 years:
A good quality relationship is possible even with disability!

An empowering and active community: friends, families, volunteers, mentors and companions, relationship counselors, professionals who participate in Inbar’s programs that are intended for people with all disabilities.

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Our vision

At Inbar Association we work every day to fulfill our vision according to which people with disabilities will be in a healthy, meaningful and good relationship that will alleviate their loneliness and make them happy and equal people in society.

We believe in the right of every man and woman to be in a relationship in which he/she will have a life partner. We at the association make the relationship accessible for everyone through the combined tools of workshops, personal accompaniment, meetings and all through professionals.

Board of Directors

Shalomi Eldar

Founder and chairman of the association, rabbi of Ohel Shai community in Rehovot, Maimmonides scholar and software engineer

Yonina Eldar

Professor of electrical engineering at the Weizmann Institute, leader of programs and strategic thinking at the association

Audi Marili

Social entrepreneur, sets up projects to integrate people with disabilities into the community in Torah learning, employment and housing

Netta Eyal

Coacher, graphic designer
. Active and volunteer in the association

Penina Farkash

Mother of 5, grandmother of 3
Educational consultant at the boys' high school in Beit Shemesh

Raphael Etzion

Doctor of Laws
Shaarei Tikva

Chairman's statement

Shalomi Eldar

We had the privilege to establish Inbar association about 14 years ago, out of an understanding of the natural and simple need, and the lack of opportunities for relationships for people with disabilities.
Over the years, the association has developed the knowledge and the experience to give the right tools that will allow people with disabilities to believe in their ability to fulfill the dream of a relationship, to define for themselves what the right relationship is for them, and to have a real opportunity to realize it.
The association has had many successes over the years, and we continue and expand the activity in order to bring these tools to as many people as possible.
We will continue and act until the day when people with disabilities will see marriage as a dream within reach, like any other person in society.

With great love,

The word of the CEO

Reem Farangi

Dear friends and colleagues,
Inbar Association – Making Relationships Accessible has been operating for 14 years and will continue to operate with the goal of making relationships accessible and instilling love among people with disabilities.
What leads us is the heart.
The association’s staff, the professionals and the management committee do everything with great love, believing that every person, whoever they are, deserves love, a relationship, a home.
We dedicate time and thought to be accurate, improve and reach as many people as possible who can help the association.
We will continue to develop, expand the activities and set ourselves challenges because every time it succeeds, our hearts are filled with joy and new energy for action.
I invite you to take part in the association’s various activities, offer ideas and of course pass it on…
and remember-
“To the world you may be just one person, but to one person you are the whole world” (Bill Wilson)
with big love
Reer Farangi
CEO of the association

Association activity

High quality and empowering meetings and events

Workshops (relationship, empowerment, communication)

training programs

training program for mentors

Training and support program for parents and families


Dating night for the people with mental disability in the Terminal complex in Bat Yam

20 women and men with mental disability met for a special dating night which included an improvisation workshop with professional instructors, getting to know each other, intimate conversation and sharing.


Zohar Drumer
Zohar DrumerParticipated in relationship workshop and has personal mentor.
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“Dating was the one thing that didn’t work out for me. I always thought it was because of me, because of my disability. When I went to a workshop in Inbar I saw I wasn’t the only one. I met people to whom my heart went out to. They deserved to be in a relationship but they couldn’t see that. They thought they didn’t deserve it. Then I realized that this was exactly what I was doing to myself. Today I know there’s nothing wrong with me. I’m beautiful, great and worthy of love!”
Shiri Bargig
Shiri BargigParticipated in relationship workshop and has personal mentor. Serves as administrative assistant in Inbar’s office
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“The facilitator peeled all of us slowly and helped us to see ourselves with many less prejudices, easing fears and letting everyone be in their place. I received tools for life - to connect with myself to understand what is right for me and what I must not compromise in choosing a partner. To see the person standing before me in a healthy, clean way, without unnecessary charges. I learned to see my strengths, and in a qualitative process I discovered myself at the height of my power. It is important to note that I receive professional guidance throughout the entire process with sensitivity and a willingness to be an instrument that reflects and grows me toward a relationship that is right and proper for me. I highly recommend those who want to get to know and discover themselves to participate in the workshop and build themselves in order to reach a relationship that is right and healthy by virtue of its dimensions”.
Netanel Golan
Netanel Golanmarried Leyia Brook following Inbar’s relationship workshop they both attended. Trained Mentor in Inbar. Leyia organizes community and styling events in Inbar
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“I was afraid I would not find anyone, that after all the dating maybe I was destined to be alone… they taught me to look at the person, not on the other little things. This is what Inbar is all about."
Ma’ayan Levy
Ma’ayan Levyengaged to Dvir Mauda, mentored in Inbar. Dvir, a social worker, participates in Inbar’s workshop instructors training
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“Today, thanks to God and to the wonderful and including team of Inbar, I am in a relationship with an amazing partner… The association is still part of me, we come to meetings as a couple and the staff is always there to guide, advise and support. This is a wonderful opportunity to thank Michal, Hayuta, Rivka and the precious Shoshi and all the devoted staff - thanks for the willingness to help, for the faith, for the encouragement to aspire, to dream and to fulfill and for the support and the availability. God will reward you!”

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