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Inbar Helps Disabled Adults Find Love

Finding love is tough enough in the best circumstances. Doing so while grappling with a disability is even harder—and that’s where Inbar plays Cupid.


Inbar is the Righteous Crowd Org of the Week!

Today is Tu B’Av, the Jewish day of love. Traditionally, this marked the beginning of the grape season in Israel and unmarried women would dance in the vineyards wearing all white. It is now a special day for weddings in Israel. This week, we are featuring an organization that creates opportunities for meaningful relationships, love, and marriage for people with disabilities.

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Inbar: Expanding Circles of Empowerment

The social hall in a Petah Tikvah community center, just outside Tel Aviv, seemed more like a nightclub, what with a cool DJ, vibrating music, endless food and beverages, and spirited chatter, laughter and singing.


Inbar cultivates self-acceptance, love among disabled Israelis

PETACH TIKVAH, Israel – At the nonprofit organization Inbar, Shalomi Eldar and Shoshi Margolin empower people who have disabilities to achieve self-acceptance and find romantic partners. The mission is two-pronged: to remove individuals’ internal barriers to dating and to advocate changing societal attitudes towards individuals who have disabilities.